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Care For Your Dental Appliance.

Clean & Refresh
Keep your appliance looking and
feeling like new!

For All Types of Removable Appliances

Effectively Cleanses

  • Thermoplastic (flexible partials)

    Thermoplastic (flexible partials)

  • Dentures


  • Partials


  • Nightguards


  • Sportsguards


  • Snoreguards


  • Aligners


  • Retainers


For Good Oral Health

  • Safe and concentrated solution for quick and effective results.

  • Non-chlorinated solution (which means, it won't discolor, damage, or have unpleasant taste and odor).

  • Removes stains that brushing alone can leave behind. E.g. Stains caused by tobacco, coffee, tea, blueberries, curry, etc.

  • Removes iron stains as well as plaque, tartar, calcium, and calculus.

  • Rinses well.

  • Excellent for a variety of dental appliances.

We recommend to use with the TCS Dental Appliance Brush; it's soft bristles brush without scratching the surface of your appliance.

Our Satisfied Customers

  • s

    simple to use

    Verified purchase

    Partial denture

    Rather than have a bridge or implant I opted for a partial. It's just one tooth but still needs to be cleaned! I tried the sample packet of cleaner I received from my dentist and like how simple it is to use and that one packet lasts about 7 days.

  • G

    Great product, which I highly recommend

    Verified purchase

    Retainer or aligner

    I originally had a temporary partial denture which didn't fit properly and am now using a retainer with "teeth" applied to the interior. I received a sample of the TCS Dental Cleaner with the partial and have used it on both appliances. I had stains on the retainer "teeth" on the side which was flush with the retainer and was amazed that the stains were completely gone after the soak in TCS! Great product which I highly recommend.

  • T

    Thanks for making your products

    Verified purchase

    Full denture

    I am 50 and recently had to get a bottom partial for the first time. My dentist had me a partial made by TCS. I love it and the TCS fresh appliance cleaner. Thanks for making your products.

  • T

    Thanks to tcs Fresh products, I love to smile!

    Verified purchase

    Partial denture

    tcs Fresh is the best product ever! I've had my Thermoplastic partial for about two years now and looks brand new ever time I use the appliance cleaner.

  • B

    Better than Efferdent

    Verified purchase

    Partial denture

    I am 66 years old and recently got a partial denture to replace an old one that I had. With my old denture I was using Efferdent, and my dentures came out ok, but with The TCS sample pack of the Appliance Cleaner I received from my dentist, they came out noticeably fresher. Thank you, looking forward to receiving my new order of product.

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About TCS Fresh

A clean appliance is vital to a patient’s health and to the appearance and longevity of the appliance. TCS offers a variety of products designed to keep appliances looking and feeling like new.

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